Our Team of Experts

Knowledge and Experience that Makes a Difference

At Optec, we pride ourselves in the calibre of our training and consulting personnel. We employ approximately 40 team members who are involved with the provision of training and consultancy services. Our trainers and consultants have significant & relevant “hands on” industrial experience to best service the needs of our clients.

Members of our team have previously been employed by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria and private power companies, allowing them to fully utilise their 700 years of collective experience in the energy & allied training arena. With between 25-45 years of industry experience, each Optec consultant is truly an expert in the field.

Daryl Whelan

Daryl Whelan is the General Manager who has 45 years experience in the electrical industry. Daryl performs high voltage training and consulting and safety audits. He manages a team of consultants and trainers to maintain a high level of service to our client’s. He also oversees the business development and is involved in the marketing of business operations.

Daryl has extensive Training & Management expertise which was gained whilst employed as Divisional Manager – Operations and Technical Training, Senior Instructor and Instructor Electrical Operations with the Trade and Technical Training Division – State Electricity Commission of Victoria. Daryl is also a qualified High Voltage Electrical Operator and has extensive experience with the operation & control of the Generation, Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Power on High Voltage Systems up to and including 500,000 Volts.

Brendan Whelan

Brendan Whelan is the Chief Executive Officer who oversees the compliance and management (office and financial) of the company. Brendan also looks after the business development, marketing and day to day operation management.

Throughout his working career Brendan has worked as an Accountant and Lawyer and more recently completing his medical studies. Brendan also sits on several committees and Boards in an executive capacity. Brendan has interests in sport, travel and hiking outside of work.

Wendy Hanks

Wendy Hanks has been with Optec since 2010 overseeing all the administrative functions in the office as Training Coordinator. She directly handles all training aspects such as quoting, scheduling, travel and RPL. She has a good knowledge of the training industry and is always happy to help clients determine their training needs and requirements.

Wendy on occasions conducts training courses in CPR and First Aid due to her nursing background and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She is the Student Support Officer and also assists the Compliance Officer with regulatory requirements and is part of the validation/moderation team.

Joanne De Lazzer

Joanne De Lazzer joined our team in 2003 as Course Administrator and moved into the role of Finance Officer in 2009. She is responsible for client billing, accounts payable, payroll and banking.

Joanne is well-versed in all things Optec so feel free to direct any administrative issues you have to her and if she is unable to answer your question she will certainly be able to direct your enquiry to the right person. She is the friendly voice that will most likely greet you when you call the Optec office.

Ian Granger

In 2012 Ian commenced work with Optec originally as a Trainer and then taking on the role of Compliance Officer/RPL assessor. As Compliance Officer, Ian’s responsibility is to ensure Optec complies with its outside regulatory requirements and internal policies. He designs and updates internal policies to mitigate the risk of the company breaking laws and regulations.

Ian’s duties as RPL assessor include identifying the evidence required, providing sufficient information and advice to students to enable them to prepare for the RPL assessment process, assessing using appropriate evidence-gathering methods and tools, and recording the outcome. Ian has many qualifications including a Diploma of Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Workplace safety and Advanced Diploma in OHS.

Stuart Bailey

After maintaining and operating High & Low Voltage Distribution Network Assets for 23 years, Stuart moved into OHS, Quality and Environment, and working in utility businesses such as Water, Power, Construction and Training. With qualifications in Government OH&S Inspection, OH&S Diploma, HR Management Diploma, Certification in Training and Assessment, Stuart has applied these skills and experience to deliver solid business outcomes to clients.

As National Operations Manager, Stuarts role is to develop and maintain training standards and capabilities with Optec’s trainers to ensure we continue to exceed client’s expectations. Stuart also delivers a broad range of Distribution Initial and Refresher training, High Voltage Operating, Direct Switching and is the Permit Issuing Officer for multiple client sites.

Tayla Davis

Tayla Davis started working at Optec in 2020 in an administrative role with marketing responsibilities and brings to the organisation a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources and Marketing. Tayla’s skills and knowledge acquired from her studies and marketing experience in various community groups will prove invaluable to the organisation in expanding the current client base moving into the future.

Alan Harlow

Alan Harlow has 48 years experience in the High Voltage operational electrical industry and 42 of those years was as a qualified High Voltage operator. Alan predominantly worked for the State Electricity Commission of Victoria extra high voltage (up to 500kV) transmission system and power station high voltage systems. Alan’s duties also included the Management of High Voltage Operational staff, including field training and assessment of trainee High Voltage Operators.

Alan works as a consultant for Optec where he conducts safety audits and procedural development. Alan is also a member of the Victorian High Voltage Electrical Safety Committee (The Blue Book Committee) and the Victorian Customer Electrical Safety Committee.

Craig Glanvill

Craig Glanvill is a key trainer and consultant for Optec predominantly in the High Voltage area but also does VESI training and safety training courses and consulting. He has 16 years experience in the electrical industry, specifically in High Voltage Electrical areas. He has been involved in access permit issuing and JSA issuing. Craig has experience in sub-station inspections, rural terminal stations and the Snowy Hydro Mountain scheme.

Craig also has 14 years experience as a fire service technician. He was involved in the servicing and maintenance of fire safety equipment.

Gordon Borthwick

Gordon Borthwick is a qualified Electrical Engineer and has extensive High Voltage Plant and Procedure expertise which was gained as Field Activities Manager (Eastern Victoria), Construction and Maintenance Manager (Latrobe Valley) and various Engineering Maintenance Roles whilst employed with PowerGrid Department – State Electricity Commission of Victoria.

Gordon works as a consultant for Optec where he conducts safety audits and developing switchgear programs.

Alan Davies

Alan Davies has extensive experience in the High Voltage Electrical sectors. He has worked for 32 years as a glove and barrier linesman in various capacities. He has also worked for several years in fault finding diagnosis and rectification on High Voltage and Low Voltage powerline systems

Alan is a key trainer with Optec and also does consulting work. He possesses the necessary communication and technical skills required to operate independently and with a high degree of professionalism. His commitment and dedication has always been his highest priority in delivering quality service.

Robert Cary

Robert Cary has 37 years experience in the Gas industry. He holds a gasfitting permit and gas licenses for C and R class. Robert has gained extensive experience in commercial, domestic and gas over the years and trained in these areas. Robert is a well regarded gas expert and has been actively developing gas pipeline connection courses in conjunction with the regulator.

He has also been involved in emergency management and investigation. Robert has also been involved in the supply of LPG for major projects. In addition to the gas industry Robert also has training in safety areas and is a valued training team member.

Graeme Barr

Graeme Barr is a qualified A Grade Line Worker and A Grade Electrician and has extensive skills and knowledge obtained throughout his experience as a line worker and sub station operator and network field supervisor.

Graeme commenced with Optec in 2019 as a trainer, he has a high level of experience in developing courses for VESI groups as well as a high level of experience in course delivery in the electrical disciplines. Graeme has an exceptional ability to deliver a wide variety of training courses to a very diverse group of people due to his immense understanding of line worker training culture.

Neale Wardley

Neale Wardley began working with Optec in 2018 and brings to the organisation a Certificate of Technology Electrical Engineering and a wide variety of skills. Neale is an experienced High Voltage Operator and Electrical Network Controller while also being a highly experienced course developer and trainer with 5 years training experience.

Neale offers a large range of experience in developing and delivering training packages in the VESI units and always relays his vast  knowledge to his training participants in the utmost friendly manner in order to achieve a consistently high rating for his delivery strategies.

Lee Cabrera

Lee Cabrera is a qualified Nurse and holds both a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training and a Diploma of Training Design and Development. Lee joined the Optec team in 2016 and her extensive depth of knowledge and skills in trauma nursing, CPR and First Aid has proved invaluable to the business.

Stephen Drougas

Stephen Drougas has previous experience as a Hot Stick Line Worker and Glove and Barrier Line Worker with a qualifications in ESI Distribution Powerlines. Stephen commenced working with Optec in 2019 and his skills developed from working on VESI Electrical Networks and his extensive knowledge of constructions, maintenance and faults proves indispensable for the business.

Throughout his time with Optec, Stephen has gained a wealth of experience training at a large number of locations and his extensive knowledge of VESI models is showcased through his high level training ability.

Bill Jacques

Bill has been working with Optec as an Industrial Gas Trainer since 2008 and brings over 60 years experience in the gas industry. Bill holds multiple gas related qualifications and has gained extensive experience in gas related jobs all throughout his working career. Bill’s large set of skills and knowledge has earned him a well-known title of “Gas Guru” within the industry making him a well-respected trainer within both the organisation and the industry.