Onsite Training

Each of our courses can be conducted on-site, allowing your team to develop their skills in the familiarity and context of the workplace.

Online Courses

We offer a range of training and refresher courses which can be completed online for unbeatable convenience and time efficiency.

Offsite Training

Our training courses can also be delivered at one of our dedicated training centres in Morwell, Victoria or Osborne Park, Western Australia.


Industry Leading Training & Consulting Services

OPTEC is a leading provider of low and high voltage electrical and mechanical training, procedure development and maintenance support consulting. Optec is Australian based and internationally experienced, holding an impressive client portfolio that encompasses Energy, Mining, Transport, Petro Chemical, Aviation, Manufacturing & Allied Industries throughout Australasia.

Our team of highly esteemed professionals specialise in delivering high quality training and consulting services. This experienced and qualified team possess unrivalled knowledge of compliance at all levels to facilitate the provision of comprehensive information to all clients.

Providing Specialised Solutions for High Risk Industries

As a Vocational Education and Training (VET) organisation, nationally registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), our courses range from trade-specific to broader industry qualifications.

From power generation, HV and LV electrical network systems and HV customers through to high voltage training for specific enterprise skill enhancement, we cover competencies such as:

  • All VESI training
  • Safe access procedures
- Access to high voltage areas
- First aid and CPR
- Traffic management 
- Generator operation and control
  • Hazardous area wiring
  • Electrical supply industry specific requirements
  • EHV Transmission
  • Dead Line, Live Line
  • HV Insulator washing
  • HV Insulated stick up to 330 KV
  • Bare hand up to 500 KV
    – HV Distribution
  • HV Insulated stick up to 66KV
  • Glove and barrier up to 33KV
    – Lineworker and High Voltage Operator
    – Cable jointer
    – Spotter and no go zone
  • Pole top rescue
  • EWP escape and rescue
  • Tower rescue
  • LV panel rescue
  • Safe working aloft on structures
  • Operate and monitor boilers and turbines
  • Advanced safety inspection and testing
  • Critical infrastructure, incident management, risk assessment and recovery


OPTEC provides training to approximately 800 client organisations within the energy & allied industry throughout Australia and internationally. Our extensive expertise covers a range of areas, making us qualified to address specific client requirements.
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Employing professional consulting services allows our clients to ensure they are developing safe operating practices and employee competence, in turn achieving compliance with safety laws, regulations and codes of practice.
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Recognised Prior Learning

RPL courses in Australia allow for your prior educational and professional activity to be taken into consideration, thereby gaining you exemption from having to repeat competencies in future training courses. Optec is pleased to be able to offer credit for RPL where appropriate.
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Specialist Equipment

In high voltage operations and businesses operating in the power and energy sectors, the need for specialist equipment is always relevant. Optec also acts as an expert provider of equipment such as High Voltage Operating Equipment, Breakers and Switching Suits, as well as generator training and specialised equipment.
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Specialist Labour Hire

Optec’s network extends to a team of highly skilled personnel that are available for labour hire anytime, anywhere. Each of these professionals is able to deliver a superior level of knowledge and experience to any subject matter from project management to system development.
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Products & Services

Our breadth of consultancy services, industry specific training courses and specialist equipment and labour hire provides ideal solutions for businesses both large and small. All aspects of Optec are compliant with national and state regulatory bodies, as well as industry specific codes of practice where applicable.
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Training For Large Organisations

Find out more about our specialised industry courses that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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