Safety Consultant Services

Regulatory and Risk Management Consulting

“One of the most significant benefits of training with Optec is our offer of immense flexibility by conducting on-site, offsite and online training as per the client’s request. Your team will benefit greatly from developing their skills in the familiarity and context of their work site, saving you time and maximising results.”

By mitigating risk, your company will benefit from increased personnel safety, plant welfare and a continuity of supply.

Employing professional consulting services allows our clients to ensure they are developing safe operating practices and employee competence, in turn achieving compliance with safety laws, regulations and codes of practice. Clients from a range of sectors including power and energy, large industries and high voltage customers can greatly benefit from our professional consulting services.

Advice from Industry Experts

We work to help you achieve increased levels of safety and compliance, while minimising risk and disruptions through the provision of key services such as auditing services for the following;

  • High Voltage Operating Personnel, High Voltage equipment and procedures (to assess compliance with relevant Codes of Practice and Industry Standards)
  • Development and validation of electrical safety management schemes
  • Development of high voltage operating procedures and switching programs
  • Development of safe work method statements
  • Development of switchgear operation manuals
  • Provisioning low and high voltage safety procedures and overall safety management system
  • Development of power station boiler, turbine, gas turbine & ancillary plant operating procedures.