Professional Labourer’s When You Need Them

Optec’s network extends to a team of highly skilled personnel that are available for labour hire anytime, anywhere. Each of these professionals is able to deliver a superior level of knowledge and experience to any subject matter from project management to system development. These experts can be hired on a short, medium or long term basis, providing you maximum flexibility.

Our areas of expertise include:

Electrical Operations

Personnel experienced in the Generation, Transmission, Distribution disciplines & High Voltage Customer arena.


Electrical / Power Plant Controllers experienced in the operation and control of synchronous rotating plant (generators) and thermal operators experienced in gas / steam turbine operation and boiler operation.
Gas turbine repair and maintenance management.

Transmission / Distribution

Electrical Operators experienced in all facets of operation and control of main system interconnectors, transmission terminal stations and substation operation from 500 kV to 66 kV and control of distribution and reticulation assets from 66 kV to 415 Volts.

Transmission Lines

E.H.V Line workers experienced in all areas of line construction and maintenance up to and including 500kV, and live line techniques up to and including 330kV.

Distribution Lines

Line workers experienced in all areas of distribution line construction and maintenance up to 66kV.