Leading, High Quality Training Provider

Optec is a leading, high quality training service provider to the Energy & Allied Industries, delivering services throughout Australasia and Africa. Optec, currently has in excess of 600 client organisations which it continues to service these regions.

Nationally Recognised Training

Optec is a nationally recognised, Registered Training Organisation providing technical training to trade, post trade & para-professional personnel within the Energy & Allied Industries. Optec offers a wide range of nationally recognised Certificates from the Electricity Supply Industry - Generation Sector Training Package as well as a range of units of competency.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Fraud Protection

Hazardous Area Wiring (EEHA)

High Risk Licencing

Short Courses for the Energy & Allied Industries

Optec also specialises in providing a wide range of highly sought after, Short Courses that have been adapted to the specific needs of its individual Clients from the Energy & Allied Industries.

Many of these Courses are mandated by Regulatory Authorities to ensure that personnel are appropriately trained & authorised to carry out specific work functions. Examples of these are shown below:

  • Authorised to perform High Voltage Switching Operations
  • Authorised to Receive Electrical Access Permits
  • Authorised to Receive Electrical Test Permits
  • Authorised to conduct Distribution Live Line Work
  • Authorised to conduct Transmission Live Line Work
  • Authorised to Apply for Permits / Authorities
  • Authorised to carry out Hazardous Area Wiring
  • Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas
  • Industrial Gas Type B Fitter, etc

Click here for a full list of Optec short courses.

Mandatory Refresher Training

Mandatory Refresher Training in the above areas is also offered by Optec, as well as the latest updates in relevant Legislation, Regulations, Codes of Practice or equivalent.

Customised, Client Specific Training Programs

Optec specialises in developing or customising client specific training programs that are designed to broaden the knowledge and skills of personnel in order to meet the business goals of the client and at the same time meet the requirements of the relevant Regulatory Authorities. Courses can be conducted at the Clients Premises, using the Clients apparatus & complying with the Clients own Procedures.

All training courses are Industry Based & Competency Assessed.

Annual Knowledge & Skills Audits

Optec conduct annual knowledge and skills audits of all Personnel who hold High Voltage Authorisations (a typical requirement of Code of Practice on Electrical Safety for Work On or Near High Voltage Electrical Apparatus or equivalent)

Training Records Service

As a value added service to it Clients, Optec provides a Training Records Service for all Courses that are delivered by Optec. This service includes the supply of the following detail:

  • Initial Training Dates for Course Participants.
  • Training Refresher Dates for Authorised Client Personnel.
  • Annual Authorisation Auditing for Authorised Client Personnel.
  • Re-issue of lost Certificates for previously successfully completed Training conducted by Optec.
  • Re-creation of Competency Training Record Book which details what competencies were achieved in a previously delivered Training Course conducted by Optec.