National recognition

If you have already completed a unit of competency, please provide Student Administration with the original or a certified copy of the Statement of Attainment or Certificate and Statement of Results. You will receive National Recognition for units of competency that you have already achieved.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

RPL is an assessment process that recognises students’ prior learning. You may have developed relevant skills and knowledge through your work experience, life experience or previous study. You can apply for RPL in one or more units of competency.

Why apply for RPL?

If you are successful in your RPL assessment, it means that you are awarded the unit/s of competency without having to undergo training.

How do you apply?

Step 1 Ask Student Administration for an RPL application form.

You must apply for RPL before commencing the relevant unit of competency. You do this by completing the RPL application form, where you complete a self-assessment and provide evidence of relevant experience. The self-assessment allows you to consider whether you a suitable candidate for this form of assessment.

Step 2 Provide evidence of current relevant experience.

You must provide evidence that you have relevant, recent experience in the unit/s for which you are applying for RPL. This is evidence of having two years’ relevant work experience over the previous three years.

This means that you have carried out the relevant tasks as part of your everyday work (not just once or twice).

You also need to provide the contact details of a supervisor who is able to talk to an Optec assessor about your experience.

Step 3 Complete the assessment for the unit

If the assessor confirms that you are a suitable candidate for RPL, you will complete the assessment for the unit, without having to attend the training.

The assessment is challenging. If you are not confident that you have the required skills and knowledge it is advised that you enrol in the unit.

For more information about the unit of competency, use this URL:, enter the unit code in 'quick search' and download the unit of competency - this is the standard you will be assessed against.

If you have questions, please contact Student Administration, who will organise for an assessor to discuss your application with you.

What happens after the assessment?

If you successfully complete all of the assessment requirements for the unit of competency you will be awarded a statement of attainment for that unit. If the unit forms part of a qualification, the unit of competency will be listed on your statement of results.

Re-assessment and appeals

You will have the opportunity for re-assessment and can appeal against an assessment decision if you did not think it was fair. Information about re-assessment and appeals is on the Optec website:


If you believe that you may have difficulty in completing the assessment because of your reading and writing skills or because of a physical issue, please discuss this with your assessor, who, where appropriate, will modify aspects of the assessment for you.

What if you are not successful in assessment?

If you do not successfully complete all of the assessment requirements for the unit you will need to enrol in the unit of competency and complete the training before attempting assessment.